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Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare XBOX360-iMARS
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Plants Zombies Garden Warfare XBOX360 iMARS
2014-02-22 17:47:32 GMT
Drarbg VIP

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Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare XBOX360-iMARS
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Since this only plays on line wont your modified console get banned?
Why upload a game that is pure online game, no one can use it on their modded 360 with out being banned.
Your profile does not have the right permission to access xbox live functionality.

What to do with that?????
no single player mode and no co-op mode
this game is for xbox live gold members only
fuck them
take that JTAG!!!
Yeah i found out. It's really a great game.
FIRST OFF -- If you modded your your console the way c4ever tought you -- THEN you CAN play all your games that are backed up (burnt games) on your Xbox 360 with LIVE GOLD or SILVER account and not get banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- So why don't you learn just a little bit about it before you open up your stupid mouth you moron hahah ha idiot hahahhhahahhahhahha LOSER
Thanx for uploading. And the game is not released until the 25th so if you play it now and you guys say it requires live to play then you may get banned. Just download, burn and wait the 2 days. Don't bitch about it. They were nice enough to upload the game before release be happy about it. Fuckin dick heads
fecaleater, well concider the fact that this site is for us that have modded machines it would be great to have games that dont need gold, but yes thanks many thanks to every uploader even tho
There is 2 golden rules to follow.

1. Dont play the game before release date

2. Run the iso through abgx and make sure its " Verified".

There is still no guarantee u wont get banned.
Didn't work for me, all I get is a black screen when I launch the game. I've got a Corona Slim RGH
so, there isnt any single player for this game? right?

Only MP
you guys do realize that if your not using overburn to burn these. and if you run these games through abgx and patch them on lv 3, you wont get banned? ive been playing online games for years now on the same xbox. i even played on the days they were doing the ban sweeps and ive never been banned.

Same thing, I get a blank screen after title screen. two verbatims dvds wasted on ixtreme ihas2b on a phat liteon lt3, no go. weird bc amgx checks out clean.... hoping to see another release because this is crap. anyone get this to run on a CFW dirve?
1. Unfortunately you're never 100% safe on Live

2. Do or don't download it. I'm sure Drarbg don't give a flying fuck.

3. But what Drarbg SHOULD be spared from, is whining fucktards like Kaiegon. (Who should stick with seeding his Justin Bieber poster-pack shit).

Can I burn this on a 9g DVD ?! Please answer me before I download it . thanks anyway
can someone teach me to mod my xbox360